Introduction of Noshirvani charity care to the mentally ill of Babol City

Late Hossein Fallah Noshirvani on 1345/04/27 Hijri (1965 AD) signed the contract for construction of orphanage (Noshirvani orphanage) with license No. 7358 of the governor, on behalf of the city council and representatives of the mayor Mr. Amanullah Safai. Building is built exclusively for orphans and derelict. In case of the absence use of this idea or in the case of orphans, municipalities are not willing to take them to about a hundred people. This trend has continued for the first months after the 1357 revolution victory about 35 to 40 children of the orphanage, which at this time are faced with the problem of securing costs which eventually led to the closure of the orphanage until Welfare Organization of Mazandaran province on 22 February 1360 asked that the building which was built by the late Seyyed Hossein Fallah Noshirvany to hold mentally ill. Because the place was unused through the competent authorities agreed that the maintenance of people who did not have the mental ability to begin. Disabled home for three years, first as a board of trustees funded by the Welfare organization in collaboration with donors and people with disabilities across the province Mazandaran and current Golestan were accepted. And now due to personnel adjustment, assignment management fully board of trustees of the subsidy, the center's management is entrusted to donors that over the years has been able to provide valuable services.                  

Buildings and Installations.   

The total area is 6606/6 square meters two-floor building area (accommodation for disabled persons) each floor is about 749/25 And the area of a western-floor building which contains stores and services is around 910 square meters and storage and security buildings are about 220 square meters.